Recruitment Sucks

The biggest bain of my job by far is recruiting new hires. The market for C# developers in Sydney is very tight at the moment and what seems to be available is not very impressive. So I thought I would compile a list of my many frustrating encounters; both with Candidates and Recruiters.
We are hiring again.. so I’m sure i’ll add more in the future.


  • Don’t attempt to head hunt the new hire you found us weeks after they started. I understand you need to make hay while the sun shines, but we won’t use again, period. We will tell everyone that will listen.
  • Don’t waste our time with resumes that don’t match the requirements. (Side note: We had one firm whom presented us a candidate with way less than excellent language skils despite our request for excellent language skills. It turns out the recruitment firm has official levels, excellent not being the top. We needed to ask for exceptional language skills. I would hire me, I would not rate my language skills as exceptional or even excellent for that matter)
  • Treat this as a relationship. If you call me 10 times a day I am going to stop taking your calls and start dating other people.


  • First and Foremost, be honest about what you do not know. Most of the time it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know every question we ask. We are generally trying to find an common area of knowledge so we can have an indepth discussion. In my opinion, if you don’t know when a finally statement is executed you are not a senior developer. If you can’t at least explain what a HttpHandler is; your not an ASP.NET guru.
  • I’m generally dissapointed with the knowledge of candidates; my made up stats:
    • 45% have heard of NUnit (how is this possible) 
    • 40% have heard about Agile Methodologies and Practices
    • 30% of senior ASP.NET applicants have written a HttpHandler or HttpModule
    • 25% know what the Factory Pattern is
    • 15% have written an automated unit test
    • 10% have heard of Inversion of Control or Dependency Injection
    • 5% have used IoC or DI or can name a framework for it.
    • 1% have heard of mocking, used or can name a Mocking Framework

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