Another awesome service that is getting traction is OpenID. OpenID is an online identity service where users sign up once and online applications use OpenID to authenticate.

Microsoft tried this before and failed, thankfully. This seems to be an independent foundation. And as long as it stays so, has my vote.

As a consumer this excites me. While our Toshiba R500 has made life easier by allowing us to connect most login details to my fingerprints. That solution only gets helps us so much (like whenever I’m around the laptop).

There are some obvious issues to overcome when dealing with centralised authentication. I don’t think any are daunting. And some like security are actually blessings in disguise. Like Open Source Software a central authentication system should be theoretically more secure. Instead of relying on the skill sets of a multitude of different teams implementing their own security systems for each application. A team of (hopefully) security experts are able to focus on the thing they do well. And let others focus on making their applications do what they are trying to do.

Convincing business to adopt it will be the real challenge.

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