Tropical Software Development

It has been almost 8 months since I have posted! All my time has been focused on moving to the Caribbean; a life long dream of mine. We have been in the Virgin Islands now for 6 months, working remotely for a great software house, Digiterre.

Working remotely in the tropics has been awesome thus far but does come with some pit falls:

  • Power: We picked accommodation that have backup generators and have been thankful since day one as we regularly loose power during the day.
  • Internet: This was what I have been most worried about, however besides being slow ( 1 Mbps) it has been reliable. I use my iPhone as a backup over 3G
  • Social: All the sunshine, bikini clad beach babes, sailing and scuba diving in the world can’t replace the geek interaction you get in the office. As sad as that is to admit.

Now the move is behind me and we are settled in, I’ll try and chronicle some of the things I’m currently working on.

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