KoalaSafe says goodbye

A sad day today, after 6 years KoalaSafe is closing down. It’s a huge disappointment we didn’t get to fulfil our mission and continue serving the families that rely on us.

But we did have a huge impact on many families and acheived some modest success as a business:

  • Successful Kickstarter
  • 200,000 + devices managed
  • Sold in over 250 Target stores across the USA
  • Released two hardware versions


A good friend of mine has launched a new service, www.motorTEXTER.com.au

“Australian drivers can now text without needing to know each other’s mobile numbers, only number plates.”

Ever wanted to contact someone you saw at the lights? Now you can!


My extended sabbatical is over and I touch down in London on Thursday. My resume is now posted in the very empty About section.